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February 13, 2018
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Meet Our Speakers: Young Entrepreneur Manu (Swish) Goswami

manu goswami generation now speaker

Like his nickname suggests, Manu ‘Swish’ Goswami is a young entrepreneur unafraid to take big shots and score his share of successes in the business world. Tapped up on CBC’s Dragons Den as a future prime minister due to his wealth of ideas, this 20-year-old is already doing it all. A TEDx speaker, venture capitalist, LinkedIn Youth Editor (over 50,000 followers) and a United Nations youth ambassador, Manu Goswami defies logic with his abilities to create things on a dime. You will be blown away hearing one of the most accomplished young entrepreneurs around speak as a Generation Now 2018 headliner.

Venturing From an Early Age

A native of Singapore, Goswami cheekily started his first business at age seven by taking his neighbour’s flowers from their lawn, slapping a bow on them and selling them back. As you would imagine, this venture was quelled soon after that, but his thirst for hustle and invention was evident. At 10 years old, Goswami founded a hovercraft business, for which some proceeds went to a local orphanage in his homeland. At 14, he was part of a company that used its fervour for making a social impact, becoming a nominee for Canada’s Company of the Year. Goswami has never believed that age should hinder your ability to create groundbreaking, money-making ventures. Armed with that belief, he has become an entrepreneur ahead of his time.

Multi-Tasking His Way To Success

Goswami has co-founded six entities. These include the World Youth Fund, the first worldwide youth social capital fund, RafikiMedia, a social-first digital shop, and FoodShare, an app allowing you to access affordable and accessible food options. His other notable ventures include The Next Foundry, a financing factory that financed 76 early-stage technology and social ventures, as well as World Thinks and GenSys. As a result of his focus and passion for creating early-stage ventures, Swish was recognized in 2015 as one of Canada’s top 20 under 20 and has become one of Canada’s fast emerging entrepreneurs.

Goswami’s businesses have connected entrepreneurs all over the worlds and financed initiatives worldwide. He also is a venture capitalist for JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital, founded by Philadelphia 76ers power forward, Trevor Booker. Plus, he founded a sports media conglomerate called Dunk Media, which is heavily focused on social interaction and features over 10 million basketball-crazy fans. It’s been said you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and Swish isn’t afraid to take his share of them, coming up in the clutch, and often changing business world.

Advising, Advocacy, and Acclaim

Goswami also serves as an advisor and board member of several organizations, including Children of Hope Uganda, Beat The Street, the Literacy Empowers Foundation, and the Canadian Student Debating Foundation. He also is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Globe and Mail and hosts his own series of podcasts and videos.

Furthermore, Goswami is an advocate for youth entrepreneurship and mental health. He has been able to reach thousands of children worldwide by being a National Youth Ambassador for the Speak Your Mind project, Alberta’s Ministry of Education and many more.

He has been recommended by Forbes Magazine as ‘one of the ten Gen Z experts to follow’ and the ‘Face and Future of Canadian Entrepreneurship’ by UPS Canada. Simply put, Goswami is a born leader who believes that while young people are the leaders of tomorrow, they should not wait until tomorrow to lead. You shouldn’t wait either!

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