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February 2, 2018
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A man of many titles who advises men on how to add new chapters to their lives, Connor Beaton is a wellness advocate who turned that advocacy into a business. A CEO, international host, public speaker and podcast host, Connor has used various platforms to spread his message of sustenance and fulfilment. At Generation Now, you will understand why Connor Beaton is a beacon of success that any emerging entrepreneur can model themselves after.

ManTalks, You Listen

Connor is the founder of ManTalks; an international organization focused on promoting fitness and success for men. Its mission is to give men a greater, renewed purpose that will help them become more confident, self-aware and impactful both in and outside the business landscape. In trying to enact this mission, ManTalks produces a podcast and video series with outreach in over 150 countries. A series featuring fellow entrepreneurs, athletes, navy seals, sex and relationships experts, and more, who tell their mind-blowing stories of struggle and success. These stories will not only modify your approach to life; it might just inspire you do want to do something to change your life for the better.

ManTalks starts meaningful conversations amongst like-minded men who hold each other accountable for results. It has given men new reason to create avenues for themselves so they can get fit, stay ahead of the curve and come up with revolutionary ideas that go beyond simply making a profit. As a result, ManTalks has been featured on several mainstream platforms, including CBC, CBS, Forbes Magazine, UN Women, and the National Post, among many others.

A Well-Rounded Business Person with Vast Knowledge

Connor has gone through all realms, from the struggling start-up business to working with top-level companies. He has worked at Apple, leading high-performance sales and operations teams and gaining lots of perspective along the way. He also has a business degree, has strong knowledge of human performance and psychology and has utilized all this to great effect.

Success Did Not Come Easy, Though

While his life and career are shining examples of success, they did not come without bouts of darkness, however. Battling through ADHD, abuse and his parent’s divorce at a young age, Connor had to fight much adversity while trying to figure out his purpose in life.

Entrepreneurial development for him early on came in the form of selling vacuums door to door. Also doing construction work and building sidewalks as time evolved, he turned to opera singing. After attaining a degree in music, travelled to China, Europe and across North America to perform and was successful in it, but didn’t feel that it was his purpose. Things got so rough for him, he was even living in the back of his car, but his drive never died.

Thanks to persistence and will to ensure others can make it out of turbulent times like he did, Connor is doing for other what he managed to do for himself. Give other men a new lease on life and make sure they are accountable for their decisions.

Helping Entrepreneurs Strive

While building his ManTalk brand, he created the Real Talk Summit, a brand-joining promoting marketing and strategy ideas as well as strategic business development for the emerging entrepreneur or business owner. He also created the Performance Mastermind, which has brought together men who run innovative ventures and profit for a purpose. All of Connor’s ventures encourages a healthy balance between your professional and personal goals, helping you achieve both through mentorship and life lessons.

Are you an emerging entrepreneur looking for inspiration and empowerment? Get tickets to see Connor at Generation Now and be empowered by his story!

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