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Meet Our Speakers: Real Estate Entrepreneur Ian Szabo

Ian Szabo generation now

A true real estate entrepreneur success story in the making, Ian Szabo is not your conventional real estate agent. But who said you had to be conventional to become a success? Through his willingness to think outside the box and acquired knowledge, Szabo founded the FlipSchool, an initiative that offers affordable, risk-free education on how to renovate and flip homes. Also, the Whitby, Ontario native has authored two real estate entrepreneur books, Reno To Riches and Fix & Flip. His work has been showcased on the HGTV and the W Network. At Generation Now, Szabo will speak about how he became a real estate expert from the comfort of his own home and how you can find similar success.

A Seasoned Expert With a Different Approach

Ian has bought, renovated and flipped homes for nearly a decade and, as mentioned, has been featured on various television networks due to his impressive knowledge on these subjects. His first renovation project was in his own basement and, while going through his early struggles, gained sufficient knowledge about real estate that made him want to become a professional.

For Ian, flipping homes was a greater real estate investment opportunity than many gave it credit for being. Whether by renovating and improving a home for resale or renovating and improving a home as a rental property providing monthly income, flipping can be a very profitable means. As a result, Ian has owned or managed various rental properties in Ontario and completed Whitby’s only legal triplex. A man who believes in maximizing real estate potential in communities and on a broader scale, Ian’s expertise has led to successful ventures for himself and those he has mentored.

FlipSchool Turns the Real Estate World Upside Down

Ian’s FlipSchool offers a pair of programs that help you learn how to flip homes and become profitable from such a practice. There’s a Find, Fix and Flip weekend workshop where you can identify potential properties, assess risk tolerance, determine financing and exit strategies, get property management preparation tips and much more. If you want more individual attention, Ian offers a one-on-one mentoring program where you get project assistance in-person or over the phone.

This school offers consistent, hands-on training and coaching, as well as visits with project leaders to source and purchases all necessities so you can successfully flip a home. Practical training and valuable face-to-face lecturing that you may find hard to get elsewhere, and without any hassle.

Ian has taught many homeowners and real estate specialists lessons on how to maximize their money in a sometimes tricky housing market. You can learn many tips that can make you a real estate entrepreneur success story like he is.

Get your tickets to see Ian on stage at Generation Now and flip your way to new opportunities!

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