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Meet Our Speakers: Young Entrepreneur Connor Blakley

connor blakley at generation now

Connor Blakley may have only just reached the legal voting age, but that hasn’t stopped him from amassing a great deal of accomplishments and experience in the business world already. In fact, at 18 years of age, Connor is already a successful young entrepreneur, a public speaker, an author, and one of the youngest and most sought-after youth marketing specialists around. Connor is one of the many impressive speakers who will be headlining Generation Now 2018.

The Future of Youth Marketing Today

Connor founded a full-service youth marketing consultancy called YouthLogic when he was just 17 years old. Today he acts as the CEO of the company, which helps brands understand and connect with modern young consumers, namely generation Z. The company has an impressive client list that includes medium and large businesses all over the United States, including big names like Hootsuite and Sprint.

This Early Bird Definitely Got the Worm

Connor started his first business when he was eight, removing rocks from neighbourhood properties and making additional profit by selling some of the stones as decorative garden pieces. In middle school, he started a business that nearly got him expelled selling homework to schoolmates. Eventually, he turned his sights back to legitimate business ventures, and that’s when YouthLogic was born.

An Entrepreneur and Successful Author

Along with his responsibilities as CEO of YouthLogic, Connor also keeps busy with his writing and speaking engagements. He is currently working on a project called BrandZ: How Today’s Youth are Shaping the Future of Marketing, as well as a youth marketing publication called YouthLogix. On top of these projects, he also contributes to outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, Yahoo, and Huffington Post.

Words of Wisdom from a Wise-Beyond-His-Years Marketer

Although Connor may not have as many years of experience as other entrepreneurs out there, he has an aptitude for marketing that comes naturally, and he has great insights into how to use creativity and psychology to help connect brands and consumers. For example, while he understands the importance of learning from the experts who have come before, he also teaches that it’s crucial to forge your own path and find what works for you because that’s the only way you can truly solidify your own personal brand. Similarly, he also says it’s crucial that you understand the value you can bring to your customers because this is how you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition in an ever-expanding sea of consumer choices.

Connor has been a young entrepreneur since the day he was born, and he’s been finding ways to operate his own businesses and make money almost as long as he’s been alive. In the short time he’s been an entrepreneur, he’s learned a great deal about effective marketing strategies and inter-generational marketing, and he loves to share his knowledge with audiences at events like Haste & Hustle. See Connor speak and share his unique knowledge on how to market and sell to Generation Z at Generation Now 2018.

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