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Why Generation Now is THE Conference for Entrepreneurs in 2018

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Generation Now isn’t just a conference—it’s the best conference for entrepreneurs, and you don’t want to be the only one to miss it. Along with being a phenomenal opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, it’s also a great chance to meet business people who have made it (sometimes against all odds), mentors who can pass on some of their wisdom about what it takes to make it as an elite entrepreneur.

Plus, on top of being the greatest networking opportunity of 2018, Generation Now also promises to fill your tank with enough inspiration and passion to keep your entrepreneur engine revving on high until the next event in the Spring of 2018.

A Goldmine of Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Learn From

There’s no better inspiration than seeing others who have overcome hardship, adversity, and obstacles to achieve their dreams, and Generation Now will put you face to face with not just one, but many such entrepreneurs. The speakers are all emerging or successful entrepreneurs and industry-leaders in marketing, technology, customer experience, and other aspects of business. A few of the greatness-inspiring people you’ll hear from include:

Gary Vaynerchuk, a digital marketing and social media trailblazer who’s behind enterprises like VaynerMedia and VaynerRSE.
Connor Blakely, a man of many talents who, before the age of 20, has become a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and writer who founded the youth marketing consultancy YouthLogic.
Zark Fatah, an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry who has a large business portfolio that includes hip places like Atelier, Century Room, and Blowfish.
Amy Birks, the so-called Strategy Ninja, who’s also a best-selling author and business consultant known for helping businesses get real marketing results.

An Unrivalled Opportunity to Network

As you get inspired through Generation Now’s series of talks and learning sessions, you’ll also get many opportunities to network with these trendsetting and trailblazing business people, other entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of business life. One of the biggest assets of any entrepreneur is a valuable network, and this event provides the ultimate opportunity to fast track your success.

Unlike some conferences for entrepreneurs, Generation Now promises to be a fun, upbeat, engaging, and interesting conference that won’t just teach you skills and information you need to survive in today’s world, but will also introduce you to people who have done just that in inspiring new ways.

Our speakers have been chosen strategically with care, and the focus on entrepreneurship means that you’ll be able to learn invaluable lessons from people who have already accomplished what you are setting out to do. You’ll have a great time meeting, mingling, and schmoozing with entrepreneur movers and shakers throughout the two days of the conference. In short, if you’re looking to network, to learn, and to find inspiration, then Generation Now is the place for you.

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