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November 24, 2016
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January 6, 2017
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Three More Reasons To Attend Haste & Hustle

Last week, we shared the top 3 reasons you need to attend Haste & Hustle. But this conference is so inspiring, three wasn’t enough. So, here are three more reasons you need to find your way to Niagara and to Haste & Hustle in 2017.

1. A Vision Of The Future

Haste & Hustle offers two unique opportunities to glimpse the future of digital marketing. First up is a virtual reality showcase that will debut the work of a new firm that is leading the changes to the industry. Their VR display is one you won’t soon forget.

Next, after sampling some of Niagara’s best cuisine at Friday’s lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to freely explore the H&H Tech Hub. Here host companies will display and introduce you to provocative, innovative and disruptive ideas and tech that will engage, challenge and examine the future of sales and marketing.

2. Network With Industry Leaders

In addition to our inspiring line-up of speakers, you’ll have the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees, including representatives from some of the top sales and marketing companies in North America.

The exchange of ideas amidst the energy of the conference will stimulate not just your own thoughts, but your marketing and sales efforts as well. You’ll rarely have the opportunity to glean experience from one thousand industry professionals in such a short period of time. Talk about ROI!

Whether you’re connecting with old friends or making new ones, H&H is designed to facilitate networking opportunities among friendly and interested industry colleagues.

3. Get Ahead of the Curve

Because H & H is being held in Q1 of 2017, it will help to reinvigorate your marketing efforts for the entire year and beyond. The opportunity to hear from industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk and see previews of coming trends and technology will open your mind to new possibilities. If you find your sales numbers stagnating, your web traffic declining or your social media presence losing engagement, Haste & Hustle will provide the cure to what ails you.

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